Our Factory

Printing Unit



All Kinds of advanced 04 Color, Bi-Color and Single Color Printing Machines are availabe in our Factory.

Lamination Unit

We have 02 units of Lamination Machines and 03 Units of Spot and UV curing machines.

Most powerful and sophisticated lamination facilities are available.

Cutting & Creasing Section

All kinds of Paper Cutting, Di-Cutting, Creasing, Perforation and Eyelet making machines we have in our factory.

Binding Section

Our Binding Sections consists of 02 Units of Hand Pressure Machines, 01 Unit of Leg Pressure Machine, 02 Units of Spiral Wire Making Machines and 03 Units of Punch Machines.

We do different kinds of binding works including Book Binding, Wire-O Binding, Glue Binding, Staple Binding, Eyelets, Etc.

Plate-Positive Section

We have most modern and sophisticated Plate-Positive making section. We have the most advanced plate positive making machine origin from Japan and one unit of Di-making set. Also, we have professional executives for design and development works.

Separate Section for Plate Making and Preserving.

Converting and Finishing

We have separate assembly for converting and packing of finished products. We have our own covered van to deliver the products to the desired customers.

Separate Space for QC and Final Packing.

Our clients

Our Customers are Country's Top Ranked Pharmaceutical Companies and Large Conglomerates
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